Nothing beats the Natural Feel of a Cork Yoga Mat

Loved by yoga teachers, 5 star reviews

Premium quality guarantee

Practice on both sides



No Phthalates & Lead Free

Amazing grip

Perfect for hot yoga

Our mat is our sanctuary, make yours cork...
 Our Cork Yoga Mat is for anyone looking for a little extra cushioning and non-slip grip.

 You will fall in love with this product and it will quickly become part of your regular workout routine. 
'The more you sweat, the better it grips'
Natural feel, PREMIUM QUALITY.  Great for indoors & outdoors.  Use on both sides.  Cork layer does not absorb heat.  Grips almost any surface. 6.2mm thickness, ''just the right amount''.  Flexible & portable.  Non-Toxic, No Phthalates. Lead Free, sustainable cork.

The features of the Cork Yoga Mat

  • Just the right amount of thickness 6.2mm 
  • ​2.2mm cork layer & 4mm TPE backing
  • Comes with a yoga mat carrying strap
  • ​Custom design FITKYT bee logo
  • Made with sustainable cork
  • ​Eco-friendly
  • ​Non-Toxic
  • ​Phthalates and lead free
  • ​100% quality guaranteed

Buy the cork yoga mat & get a carry strap for your cork yoga mat FREE
Doubles as a yoga strap

Don't Miss Out
Buy the cork yoga mat & get the cotton carry and yoga strap for free
  • Durable cotton yoga strap
  • ​Deepens poses safely
  • ​Improves stretches
  • ​Doubles as a yoga mat carry strap
  • ​Premium quality
  • ​Custom designed
  • ​Machine washable
  • ​Exceptional grip
  • ​100% quality guaranteed
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You get:
The premium quality cork yoga mat
A cotton yoga strap
Doubles as a carry strap
Free Standard US Shipping
100% Quality Guarantee
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Here is what some of our customers are saying...
This cork yoga mat is very high quality and has much better traction than any other yoga mat I've ever used. I love it!  What a great product.
Love this yoga mat and the carrying strap it comes with! Compared to other mats I’ve used, it’s still lightweight and rolls up easy, BUT it feels like it has a little extra cushioning and doesn’t move at all during a yoga flow or Pilates workout. The cork layer is genius because it doesn’t feel grossly tacky or sticky after only one intense workout. Highly recommend!
This yoga mat has a lovely, natural feel.  It's lightweight & easy to roll.  Thank you fitkyt!

I bought this cork mat because I didn’t like the way my old rubber one would stretch and move when I was doing yoga/Pilates. This mat is light and rolls up like a regular mat but it is solid on the ground which is great. I was a little concerned that the cork would crack over time but it is still in great condition after much use. It’s a great quality product.

The traction on the fitkyt yoga mat is amazing! I never slip, like on some of the rubberized yoga mats I've owned.

This yoga mat has a lovely, natural feel. It’s lightweight and easy to roll. I highly recommend pairing it with the yoga mat cleanser. Thank you fitkyt!

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